Guitar Tuner Top 10 - The Ultimate Guide for Musical Instrument Tuners
July 2011 Top Ten Clip-On Tuner List

1. GoGo TT-1 Chromatic Tuner

Large Vibrant Screen Display- Quick Response-
Swivel in any position (Lefty or Righty) Microphone-Piezo option-
Multiple Tuning Options. Tested well on bass, guitar and Uke. 


2. Peterson Strobo-Clip
Extremely Precise Tuning

3. Planet Waves Head Stock tuner
4. Meisel COM -80

el COM-80 Digital Tuner
• Calibrated tuning modes for guitar, bass, ukulele, and violin, plus a chromatic tuning mode
• Bright and easy to read display
• Great accuracy
Structurally, the COM-80 was a solid little tuner. The clip leading up to its large, Tamagotchi-style LCD screen had a strong and tight bond against both headstocks, aided by the clip’s silica gel padding. The device came equipped with calibrated chromatic tuning modes for guitar, bass, violin, and ukulele. It also has an adjustable pitch mode that gave me the option of moving the range between 410 Hz and 450 Hz.

5. Fishman FT-1
6. Snark SN-2
7. Intellitouch PT-10
8. Kala C02
9. Korg Aw-2
10. Samson CT-20
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